Take A Break from the Negative Effects of Health Care Fraud September 27, 2017

Fighting health care fraud as a fulltime job can be a taxing.  Fighting to recoup money lost through waste, fraud and abuse has been the aim of the Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control (HCFAC) program since it began twenty years ago.  Through their capacity to fight using powerful tools and alliances, they have been successful in winning judgements, settlements, and impositions in many cases, and have returned more than $31 billion to the Medicare Trust Funds.  This would not be possible without cooperation between the government and the private sector.  If fighting health care fraud is your goal as a health care attorney, taking good care of yourself is just as important as catching the cheats working around the country to steal taxpayer’s money.

health-care-Pouring over evidence, interviewing witnesses, and flying around the country can be demanding work.  It’s rewarding when your team gets a judgement in your favor, but you must take care to spend some downtime and do it in a place that allows you to unwind and recharge so you can live to fight another day.  RIU Resorts offers the ideal setting for such breaks.  They have a group of all-inclusive packages that covers everything from your accommodations to meals.  Just imagine yourself on a sandy beach with the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean in RIU Mazatlán while you take in the view from the balcony of your suite.  This is not the end of a day chasing leads, it’s the end of a week of ecstasy.   And when you use a Groupon promo code celebrating RIU’s 20th anniversary, you’ll realize savings sure to help you clear your mind of all the arguments back and forth about culpability.  Getting away from the daily grind is good for your health.  You want to be strong enough to fight another day for others, so you’ve first got to be mentally and physically strong enough yourself.   Replace memories of a stress filled day in court with memories of long walks along sandy white beaches, cocktail hours, superb dining, and entertainment.

There’s been lots of research about the positive effects of negative ions on the human body.  Negative ions naturally occur when you’re near moving bodies of water, like the ocean.  There, the negative ions trap pollens and pollutants and cause them to drop out of the air you breathe.  Just like the oceans effect on the negative ions at the beach, RIU can have a positive effect on you.  They have enough freshwater pools, and sandy beaches to rid you of the negative effects in the air and the courtroom.